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Blue Tour

Blue Tour General Information

Blue voyage is a form of vacation that everyone should experience at least once. This means getting away from the stress of busy city life and closed office environments, and being thrown into the lap of nature. You can enjoy the sea in these natural beauties where many shades of green and blue are blended in the unique bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean.

This is a journey where you can collect pleasant memories with your family or friends, spend days and nights together, and have fun times. A sea holiday where you can live freely and rest your soul is waiting for you.

Boat travel offers the freedom of being with a certain number of people. If you are tired of one bay, you can switch to another bay. You can get away from crowded places and spend time in quiet and calm coves. You can discover your interest in water sports and acquire new hobbies. You can create your own playlist, sleep or eat whenever you want. You can go to the shore whenever you want and taste the food in different restaurants. You can cook your own meals and experience new tastes. You can always make your own choices during the blue cruise.

You can manage your time according to your wishes, watch the sunset, take photos or read a book. You can get up early in the morning and go swimming, diving, collecting shells or fishing. You can sunbathe comfortably and throw the leftover bread to the fish.

You can find your own location on the map, predict the weather, chat with the captain or listen to your favorite music. You can explore ancient sites, expand your maritime knowledge and plan your future boat purchases. You can lie on the deck at night and fall into a deep sleep with the gentle shaking of the sea. You can watch more stars than you can see in the city, and get to know the beauties of nature closely. You can participate in water sports in some bays.

What You Need to Know While Making Your Blue Tour Plans

Details of the Blue Cruise While Making Your Planning As a first step, determine the people who will accompany you on your cruise and clarify your tour date.

Then decide which route you will travel on. You can get help from us or from people who have blue voyage experience in choosing a route.

The next step is to determine how much you can budget per person per day. In line with the budget you have determined, your selection of the appropriate boat will be easier.

Boats are classified and priced as Economy, Standard Plus, Luxury and Ultralux depending on their equipment. Check out the boats that fit your budget.

Remember that when choosing a boat, maintenance is more important than the age of the boat. All our yachts comply with international and local regulations inspected by the coast guard and port authorities.

Whatever class you rent a boat, remember that the landscapes you will see, the bays you will visit and the sea will be the same.

Do not ignore this point during this tour, where you will spend most of it on the deck, not in the cabins.

In private yacht charter tours, you anchor at 2 or 3 different coves per day in line with the route you have determined, and travel is made for a maximum of 3-4 hours per day. The last stop will be the bay where you will stay overnight. While the cruises are usually by motor, sailing may be possible when the weather conditions are favourable.

In order for you to have a fun time during the Blue Cruise, there are service boats, okey teams, game sets, simple fishing gear and snorkels on all our gulets. Some of our gulets can have windsurfing, canoeing and water sports equipment. Additional fuel fee is required for water sports with service boat. If you do not have one on your boat, you can also find water sports activities such as jet-ski, water skiing, banana at affordable prices in various bays you will visit.

In the light breeze, reading a book under the awning and taking a nap is among the options. Of course, sea lovers will also enjoy swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.

Private yacht charter prices are usually determined in EURO per day. Blue cruises usually depart on Saturday and return on Saturday for an average of 1 week.

To the rental price; boat, boat fuel, boat personnel services, utility water on board, cruise permit (Transitlog), port entrance and exit fees in Turkish territorial waters are included.

However, the food and beverages to be used on the boat during the Blue Cruise, VAT, airport transfers, and in case of Greek Islands Routes, customs costs on both sides and all port costs in the Greek Islands are not included in the rental price.

Considering this information, you can make your blue cruise plans and have an unforgettable holiday experience. In all these processes, we are always here for all your questions and requests for help. Happy holidays!